Polygone de tir - Ausstellung und Kunstperformance Vernissage Freier Eintritt

The Fact Finder is pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition which draws heavily from the core concept of our art space, that of artist as a witness. We present two different projects on unrelated themes, both concerned with communities and the public or institutional space. Both took a temporally consistent and detailed approach, thoroughly prepared, and both involving different means of communicating the results of the research.

Polygone de tir
fact-finding mission by L’École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges, France
21 March 19:00 o’clock
21-30 March 14:00-18:00 o’clock

Special performance Wanda Dubrau:
24h golden society - Schöneberg
30 March 19:00-20:30 o’clock

An editorial and curatorial project questioning Bourges’ shooting range, the “Polygone de tir” focuses on a local shooting area paradoxical system of visibility and its establishment in the wider territory. A collective and polygonal result of two-years long research encompassing different perspectives. The accompanying publication retraces the outline of fact-finding investigations conducted around the military industry of a mid-sized French city in the very centre of the country.

In the series 24 h golden society Wanda Dubrau is walking for one day and one night through a district of Berlin in search of the golden society. Strolling along streets and intruding into sites – She is meeting people and their stories. She explores, listens, lingers and provokes to approach different realities.
Her experiences and observations are the core of a performance which is shown one-time in the district.

Weitere Infos: www.thefactfinder.de

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