B/Witch 'n' Monk [live] + Eilis Frawley Konzert

Eilis Frawley - “A solo female drummer who uses rhythm as a canvas to paint intriguing and engaging spoken word narratives onto is something I’ve never heard before. Minimalist Krautrock-like synth instrumentation shows her understanding of how the space between notes is as important as which notes she uses when it comes to evoke a mood.”

Bitch 'n' Monk is the twinning of Colombian rebel flutist Mauricio Velasierra and British anarchic soprano and guitarist Heidi Heidelberg. Bring together an unusual set of instruments; traditional Latin American flutes, unconventional vocals, electric guitar and bespoke electronics, they create a sound that is defiantly their own.

gefördert durch die Musicboard Berlin GmbH

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