TRUNKINTAIL Aktionskunst

This tale explores aspects of our animalistic behavior and sheds different peculiar perspectives of an Elephant and a Mouse, the similarities and difference extremities other than what is seen superficially. They are curious, teasing and skeptical but ultimately continue to return to oneness, mirroring and taking on the distinguishable character and physicality of the other.
What are the influences on these characteristic identities and personalities on us and are we able to learn from our perennial mistakes?

Choreography: Ruben Reniers
Dance: Rebecca Jefferson & Ruben Reniers
Costume: Karin Rosemann
Soundcollage: Ruben Reniers
Dramaturgy Advice: Lionel Ménard
Choreographic Advice: Nicole Kohlmann
Video/Kamera: Natalia Mikhailova
Photos: Carlos Collado

Images - Neue Choreografien
curated by Stephan Ehrlich

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