MINDSCAPE Ausstellung Freier Eintritt

The exhibition MINDSCAPE was born out of a spontaneous and enthusiastic collaboration between independent curator Suzy Royal, gallery director and curator Luisa Catucci, and artist and curator Yvonne Andreini, as a reaction to the accumulated frustration during the years of the global paralyzation-pandemic. The pandemics’s anagram is MINDSCAPE, and mindscapes are precisely the mental worlds, ontological categories in metaphysics, where most creative people sought refuge not only during the pandemic, but also in the face of the most recent dramatic political events. Mindscape is created by the range of a person's thoughts and imagination, regarded as a panorama capable of being contemplated by another person. It is the landscape of thoughts, a reification of the domain of imaginary entities, memories, feelings, ideas, fears, or any other object in the mind, seen together as making up metaphoric features.

The collaboration between a spontaneous and enthusiastic independent curator Suzy Royal, gallery director and curator Luisa Catucci will organize an exhibition called MINDSCAPE, which will welcome the artists: Yvonne Andreini, Maike Freess, Sebastian Klug, Anne Cécile Surga, Emeli Theander and Manuela Toselli.

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