IMPROBABLE ITERATIONS Ausstellung Freier Eintritt

Yes, we are doing it! Thanks to most recent green technology, permitting blockchains to be more eco-friendly, LCG finally joins the futuristic art scene of NFT, to the delight of our most technological collectors. For our very first space travel through this Metaverse, we are presenting, with the support of renown platform FX(HASH), limited editions of generative NFTs by Finnish artists Antti Pussinen and Joonas Toivonen. Since tech-conceptual artists, Antti Pussinen and Joonas Toivonen, are both working since the late 90s in the sphere of multidisciplinary visual, sound, and coding, at the magical crossroad where science and technology meet art, we will also present a selection of their generative and computative works, pre NFT era, for the delight of our more traditional collectors instead

By developing processes out of the ordinary to catch shapes and forms normally considered impossible to be seen - like sound - these artists go beyond the traditional way of the creative work, approaching it more like Chaos scientists-mathematicians than visual artists. In fact, Chaos is an important component in the generative process of these two artists, and has undoubtedly a strong impact on the aesthetic side, due to the deterministic random effect embedded in the code, that will differently generate artworks elements, composition, colors and details at each execution of the script. This generates unique variations within the same piece.
As the title of the show says: Improbable Iterations.

Despite the Chaos factor, the NFT artworks by Pussinen and Toivonen, show not only to be a natural development for their twenty-year artistic research, but also to be deeply rooted in the classic history of art, with inevitable references to the work of Vera Molnar, pioneer of algorithm-abstraction, computer and generative-art, and with atmospheres, patterns, and nuances of Suprematism and Cubism taste for Pussinen, and of puntilism-impressionist taste in the defragmented reality of Toivonen. .

The society’s obsession of worshiping/fearing technology, makes generative art one of the hot-topics of the contemporary art scene. Among the current interest in NFT and generative art from a technological and philosophical point of view, one will most likely end up in a discussion about finance, investments, consumption, cryptocurrencies, risks, controversy and liquidity of the NFT market. This kind of talk, reinforced by a general caution dictated by the instability and complexity of the cryptocurrencies, often awakens a fear of a Ponzi-Schemes taste, reinforced by the volatility of the tech-scene permanently running after The Next Thing.
This generates a fundamental doubt: can NFT be considered legitimate pieces of art? Does it make sense to start or have a collection of Non-Fungible Tokens? In our opinion, absolutely. As long as the final result responds to the same parameters for an oil painting, a drawing, or a sculpture to be considered a piece of art. Obviously, it is valid also the opposite statement: as not every oil painting, drawing, or sculpture is a valid and legitimate piece of art, so is for NFT.

It is an old debate, when technology permits the production of images that weren't possible to be realised previously, if the new products are allowed to climb the Mount Olympus of the art world. Isn't after all the NFT art scene a new ecosystem creating new interactions between artists, art lovers, collectors, curators, like it has previously been with photography and video-art? Once again, in our opinion, absolutely.
This new scene radically changed the approach to collecting art. Prices are mainly staying in the affordable range, and there is no need for big space and big walls to display a whole collection, a monitor will do. No need for storage space, except the cloud.
The downside, whenever we face art that doesn't take much time to be produced, is that we fall into overproduction. This, accompanied by people's egotistical/voyeuristic/exhibitionist behaviour generated by social medias, accompanied by the hope for "easy" coins and possibly fame, leads people to publish every single thing without making any selection. Result: there are tonnes of low quality images out in the net, saturating our eyes. To navigate these waters isn't easy!

That is why we believe that selecting and curating NFT shows is a duty of a contemporary art gallery, interested in new media. Because the NFT scene itself changed so radically since its recent beginning, and today, parallelly to tonnes of pixel-art and tokens of debatable taste and aesthetic with no - or almost none - reference to the history of arts, there is a growing scene of gorgeous, stunning, meaningful pieces. We believe the work of Antti Pussinen and Joonas Toivonen to be part of this category of NFT works, and we are thrilled to start our adventures in the Metaverse with them.

Beteiligte Kunstschaffende

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