Dada Post Galerie

Nordbahnstrasse 10
13409 Berlin

Dada Post is an autonomous space for the production, display and discussion
of current art. Foremost, we contemplate artistic expression from the standpoint
of pure inspiration emanating from the source - the artist.
Our program strives to stimulate discourse on the art of our time, thus reflecting
and signifying the actual meaning of the term : Contemporary Art

Dada Post's critical program explores art in a questioning approach to culture,
art practice, and in the wider social, cultural and political frameworks. Our mission is
to set a focused agenda towards critical discourse, regarding the relationship
between rhetoric and its (visual) representations.

We seek to be a vital cultural resource for Berlin, providing innovative world-class programming. We offer a program of exhibitions, events, educational projects, and one non-Berlin based artist residence on a rental basis for three months duration.

Dada Post was founded in 2008 on the initiative of Howard McCalebb, a sculptor and active figure on the international art scene. It is located in the in the Berlin-Reinickendorf district, in the former König Smoked Fish Factory complex. The one hundred year-old business was transformed into exhibition, performance, and studio spaces for artists. The gallery itself comprises two major spaces. The adjacent out- and indoor sites have also been designated for exhibition purposes, including The cooler.

The renovation and redesign of the complex took both its history and the demands of contemporary art into consideration. The facility is easily recognizable by its large smokestacks, which recall the slants of the gallery logo, and have been retained as a reference to the original commercial use of the site.

Eager to contribute to Berlin's cultural and intellectual life, Dada Post is also building a program of films, readings, music, and other live performances between art exhibitions.

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