September 25 - October 02 2015
Opening: Friday, Sep 25 2015 / 19h
@ Abteilung für Alles Andere / Ackerstraße 18 / Berlin-Mitte


Snövit Hedstierna invites the audience to participate and experience her new art piece "Dream a dream" which she describes as a guided sleep meditation in an experimental and transcendental environment now and forever.

SNÖVIT HEDSTIERNA (1980) is an internationally-acclaimed visual artist, performance artist, dj, writer and founder of Pony Sugar Gallery and Pony Sugar Art Society. She is originally Swedish, but is based in Montreal and Berlin. She holds a MFA from Concordia University in Canada, and is currently a visiting artist at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm. Her work often begins as an act of resistance with the aim to shed light over the hidden, forgotten, untold and folded within discourses of human value, gender and identity based rights and existential questions. Bodily politics and notions of intimacy, healing, vulnerability, transformation and sexuality are often displayed and examined through the work and within a practice that is multidisciplinary including; sound, performance, video, photography, sculpture, and spatial installations. Her previous work has been published in magazines like Vice International and her latest video work "Sisterhood" revolving around the experience of sharing traumas in female circles, was displayed during the opening of the Venice Biennale.

by Snövit Hedstierna (CA/SE)

more: www.snowwhite.se

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