77 Stolen Fish

Our stage is a playground where society’s rules vanish. In their stead truth remains as a question and the edges of reality become elastic. Here paintings can leave their frames, bodies can dive into books, humans can grow from trees, you can die and come to life five times in one hour, because here, nothing is impossible.

We are striving to create, untethered by genre, a surreality investigating the absurdity of being. We aspire to honesty, raw visual truth, and to make no assumptions about the role of bodies in space. Each performance is a game as much between the performers as with the audience.

We are always excited about new ways to think of, create and enact performance. We seek to explore the possibilities of our playground in every conceivable space– never restricted to the theater. We find collaboration endlessly exciting and welcome all new ideas, challenges and offers to play.

Sparten: Theaterperformance