Gartenstudio is a Gallery and Artist Collective in Berlin, but more than those it is a principle: in a Gartenstudio-performance we create a temporary space filled with plants and cooking activity, trying to make the visitors feel as comfortable as at home, or in a secret garden. In such an atmosphere filled with confidence and dedication people can meet and discuss outside  the usual commercial settings, so the creativity of each is free to come out.

In various Garden-installations and performances we have tried to investigate space in that way and in different places and countries.

In our home-garden, the studio and gallery here in Berlin, we developed the cooking-school for kids. The idea is to enable children who grow up in the city to discover where the food comes from and that one can make everything with his own hands. For example fresh pesto and pasta: from the basil plant and just wheat flour and water create your own delicious plate of spaghetti! And even if it is not delicious, you can tell why because it is you who prepared it!
In our neighbourhood in Berlin-Kreuzberg with many immigrants´ and single-parent-kids the Gartenstudio-kitchen offers a family-space. We are taking part in the growing movement of community-gardens and Urban Farming in Berlin, trying to stick to "the real things".

Sparten: Community Arts für Kinder, Jugend Bildende Künste