People on The Move

The foundation of People in the Move has been founded in 2004 through Ina Stockem, a performer an community choreographer. People on The Move (PoTM) enthousiasts and inspires people to meet each other. To share their energy, their moves and their astonishement. PoTM makes theatre and dance in the heart of society and invites everyone to participate. Different groups of people which melt into a new group like for example old and young people.
In the coming years PoTM wants to focus more on the society and then use especially theatre as a tool to communicate. PoTM works with an experienced team of professional dancer, musicians, actors, physiotherapists and theatre makers. What connects us is the passion and the drive to offer unique performances, workshops, trainings and festivities on uncommon and outstanding locations.
Foundation People on The Move aims to realise societally involved cultural projects in the Netherlands and abroad.

1 Presenting, producing and co-producing societally involved cultural projects
2 Building up a communication and interaction between society and art
3 Researching the relation as well as the limit between the audience- and the performance area and between spectators and actors.
4 Cooperating and producing projects with various target groups
5 Realizing cultural en educational projects

Sparten: Community Arts