Luisa Catucci Gallery

Luisa Catucci Gallery born in January 2017 as an evolution of the Cell63 art platform, a previous project of the Italian artist and curator Luisa Catucci.
After 150 exhibitions showing over 200 emerging artists from all over the planet, the gallery owner felt it was time for a fresh start with a new body of work of stunning established and emerging artists from the international contemporary art scene.
Being art a fundamental passion of her life, Luisa is always on the lookout for surprising works by outstanding artists, with deep philosophical, ecological and cultural meaning.
The result are exhibitions presenting fascinating, meaningful and innovative contemporary art.
Placed in Neukölln, in the heart of the Schillerkiez, the gallery has benefited from that breath of fresh air responsible for the huge transformation of the area’s facet during the last decade: that type of spark making Berlin so famous and attractive all around the globe.
With this spirit, in addition to regular exhibitions, Catucci also organizes multi-dimensional events in the gallery combining art with pleasure, discourse and culture, Berlin style.

Sparten: Malerei Performance Fotografie