Ruben Reniers | rubarb dance&art

born in Jakarta, grew up in Rotterdam, where he completed a Bachelor's degree in contemporary dance at the prestigious Hogeschool voor de Kunsten / CODARTS. His career as a dancer led him as a member of the ensemble to several theaters in Germany. His long-term collaboration with Amanda Miller / Pretty Ugly Tanz Köln, as well as numerous collaborations with freelance choreographers, was one of the main impulses for his artistic development. Since 2009, Reniers has pursued his fascination with movement and composition through the creation of his own choreographic works.

He deals with his artistic ideas in three different formats, each with a different focus: rubarb dance & art was created in cooperation with the illustrator Barbara Steinitz, and focuses on the poetic interplay between energetic, body-oriented movements and the delicacy of paper art. The Freiraum Ensemble, Cologne, was funded by Reniers and draws its attention to the particular appeal of site-specific performances in extraordinary locations, while Ruben Reniers' productions are distinguished by their interdisciplinary character, which is due to the integration of other genres, primarily visual Art, comes. Reniers's interest in the medium of film / video is also reflected in the staging of dance films, e. g. his latest production Ephemeral Rooms, which will be presented for the first time at the 25th Quinzena de Dança de Almada / International Dance Festival.

In 2017, Reniers was choreographer for the theatrical production Medea at Schauspiel Dresden, directed by Christina Rast. This successful collaboration is currently being continued with the production Alice in Wonderland at the Residenztheater München. Renier's choreographies are generally characterized by a powerful, virtuoso and dynamic as well as delicate, differentiated and intimate style of movement, and have already received great national and international attention.
For example, Renier's solo SimulacrumX was awarded the "Förderer Nachwuchs" and the Audience Award at the VI. international soloDuo Dance Festival NRW, 2015.

Sparten: Tanztheater