:::It is in our movement that we give ourselves away. Our trails reveal a
course that, when mapped, indicates our design. So we are tracked and our
presence logged.:::

Tracing Mobility sets out to examine the shifting terrain of global versus
individual mobility and how its hand in hand development with networked
infrastructure is transforming our conceptions of time, space and distance.

Trampoline opens a platform to anyone who has something to say about
mobility and migration in the networked space. Tracing Mobility is
particularly open to projects which explore participation in network
activity where they intersect with the freedom of movement of individuals,
their freedom of self expression and their freedom of conducting economic

In the expectation that many interesting projects and developments on the
theme exist already, the curators are inviting artists, cultural
practitioners, researchers, NGO’s and the interested public to contribute to
the Tracing Mobility Open Platform.

You connect to one of the following statements:

– you have an idea on the how, why and where of ‘tracing mobility’.
– an interest in, a technique or a project developed for exploring mobility
in music, visual arts, performance or business
– a mind to show, perform or present your work in “mobile formats” whether
film, music, talk or speech or publication
– a need to comment on artists’ former and contemporary works that reflect
the theme
– and you plan to be, stay or pass by in Berlin on the 26th and 27th of
November 2011

Tracing Mobility Open Platform offers you
– space at the HKW (Haus der Kulturen der Welt), in its renowned open-space
– an extremely vibrant and well established venue for the visual and
performing arts
– a dialogue with an audience of your contemporaries in culture and the arts

– professional technical support
– the chance to take part in the culmination of the Tracing Mobility series
of events, the final act.

To join us, please email a half-page description of what you want to
contribute (idea, title, format, length) or any questions you may have,
either in English or German as soon as possible to [email protected]

Deadline is October 17th 2011!

Project website


Tracing Mobility is a project by Trampoline – Agency for Art & Media, in
cooperation with Haus der Kulturen der Welt and Radiator Festival Nottingham

Funded by
European Cultural Foundation
Botschaft des Königreichs der Niederlande

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